#560: 300L Aquatic Garden Undying

Steven Chong Honolulu, United States

Awards and Comments

Second PlaceLarry Lampert Most Innovative Award
The mirrored reflections in this aquascape are truly fantastic!
— Kris Weinhold
Very interesting work that arouses curiosity with the effect of the mirror. Apart from this technique which is not new I don't see much hardscape and plant development work.
Undoubtedly it is a good job but I see disconnections between the force vectors and little fluidity in the hardscape. Each group of logs has its own and unnatural meaning.
The high point of the work is the center of the vanishing point where the composition of the plants is very natural.
Speaking of plant health as it is almost all mosses and carpet plants their health could be much better for a aquascaping contest.
— Andre Longarco
A step further a new way of creating aquariums without losing traditional concepts but evolving in techniques with the use of a reflection that evokes the surface of the water. Controversial or not its use is a very effective technique that in this assembly combines perfectly with the powerful yet light structure. Simply wonderful.
— Juan Puchades
Very impressive layout!
We have such strange feelings from the mirror effect.
Wood composition and fish selection & position are perfect.
I regret the plants have not grown enough...
— Masashi Ono

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 120 × 50 × 50 cm
Title Undying
Volume 300L
Lighting 1x Maxlite Pro, 2x ADA Solar I
Filtration Eheim 3 Pro
Plants Dwarf Hair Grass, Lilaeopsis Brasiliensis, Lilaeopsis pilularia, Hydrocotyle Verticillata, Taxiphyllum sp., Riccardia sp., Hemianthus Callitrichoides, Hemianthus micranthemoides, Micranthemum Monte Carlo, Myriophyllum Mattogrossense, Myriophyllum guyana, Java Fern "Trident", Hygrophila Pinatifida, Anubias sp. Various, Bucephelandra sp., Rotala sp., Microcarpaea minima, Helanthium tenellum, Rotala sp. Various,
Animals Inlecypris auropurpurea
Materials American Manzanita, Various other Driftwood, White Elephant Stone

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