#785: 270L Aquatic Garden 时间与空间

Wang Chao Beijing, China

Awards and Comments

Third Place
This aquarium is a work of art. The innovation in its design is extraordinary. A new vision for the viewer. I appreciate this type of work that combines innovation with technical mastery.
However from the aspect of the long-term viability of the work I believe that it is a concept that can hardly be maintained over time in a high degree of plant health and balance with the structure. For this reason I consider this aquarium the most innovative of the competition but not my best of the category.
— Juan Puchades
The execution of this scape is really amazing. I'm not sure if the center feature is just a see-through to the back of the tank or a mirror but it creates a ton of intrigue particularly with the vines hanging down into it. Well done!
— Kris Weinhold
Work very well elaborated in two different planes. Simply speaking although we have few plants we still have a lot of depth of field and a lot of perspective. The exquisite work of the shadows adds a lot of volume to the layout and pleases the eye that stroll under the "infinite" details of the work.
I only feel dubiousness in the two voids created in the layout which confuse the observer. Perhaps the small void at the top of the layout was unnecessary in the same way that some driftwood could also be suppressed.
But in general it is a job that takes our breath away.
— Andre Longarco
Very impressive layout!
Big impact & delicate wood arrangement!
Fish positions are so wonderful! Good job.
— Masashi Ono

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 120 × 50 × 45 cm
Title 时间与空间
Volume 270L
Lighting ADAsolax2
Filtration EM 600x2
Plants moss 辣椒榕 鹿角矮珍珠 宫廷 小红莓 香菇草
Animals 黑尾剪刀
Materials 杜鹃根 石头

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