#743: 25L Aquatic Garden Mischievous

M.Samurdha Manthila Battaramulla, Sri Lanka


Great concept but the rocks are a little so similar and lacking a lot of lead up to them. The background and details in the foreground are well done.
— Kris Weinhold

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 33 × 30 × 26 cm
Title Mischievous
Volume 25L
Background Painted black grond
Lighting Twinster E line
Filtration Hang on filter
Plants Weeping moss, utricularia graminifolia , rotala green,rotala h'ra,rotala nanjenshan ,bucephalandra , hair grass ,anchor moss, fissidence moss
Animals Red platy, fresh water dwarf shrimps
Materials Dragon stone, planting soil,sand
Additional Information Pressured co2,
seachem pottasium , seachem iron,seachem florish

Weekly water change.

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