#836: 24L Aquatic Garden Wabi Sabi

Aditya Wani Thane, India

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 45 × 22 × 25 cm
Title Wabi Sabi
Volume 24L
Background wooden plank covered with white paper
Lighting two 5watt leds for 10-12hrs
Filtration internal power filter.
Plants Vallisneria nana
Cryprocoryne wendtii mi oya
Cryprocoryne wendtii green
dwarf sag
hygrophilla polysperma
java moss
ludwigia repens
pelia moss
anubias nana
Animals Neon tetras, neocaridina davidi, amano shrimp, malaysian trumpet snails
Materials Hardscape: locally collected mountain stones, small pieces of driftwood
substrate: garden soil covered with sand.

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