#801: 2L Wabi-Kusa My First Wabi-kusa

Lai Cam Linh Singapore, Singapore


Love the little light set up. Suggest adding some wood to break up all the leaves.
— Jo Ann Fujii
Beautiful wild growth for the design. Great use of color and texture and allowing plants to grow upwards for added height. Some portions of the Hydrocotyle needs to be pruned and unfortunately the lack of a water portion as outlined in the rules prevents this from scoring higher in the contest.
— Bailin Shaw
If there is any visible water in this entry it JUST skates by the edge of of being acceptable with hardly more than “wet aquasoil". Otherwise it is a cute little Wabi-Kusa and I am absolutely in love with your light (I want to steal it!!!) and the creative setting for your display.
— Karen Randall

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 14 × 14 × 17 cm
Title My First Wabi-kusa
Volume 2L
Background N/A
Lighting LUCHE GrowLight / Sunlight / IKEA Desklamp Light
Filtration N/A
Plants - Persicaria sp. 'Sao Paulo'
- Ludwigia 'repens'
- Rotala rotundifolia
- Rotala bonsai
- Micranthemum 'Monte Carlo'
- Hygrophila tripatita
- Limnophila aromatica
Animals N/A
Materials ADA Amazonia
Additional Information A little bit more info about this wabi-kusa setup:
- Dimensions: Height17cm, Diameter 14cm (1.7L, IKEA 365+ Jar)
- Photoperiod: 12-14hrs a day
- Filter: None

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