#838: 10L Paludarium Havre de paix à l'ombre d'une fougère

Sylvie Lanier Jumel, France


This is very clean and well balanced!
— Cory Nudelman
What a cute bright pleasant little display. Some of your plants are not the best choices for longevity but it looks adorable right now!
— Karen Randall
The composition and layout of items are effective. That said I think the scape could benefit from more fine-leaved plants to improve contrast.
— Tanner Serpa

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 30 × 30 × 39 cm
Title Havre de paix à l'ombre d'une fougère
Volume 10L
Background Back ground done of cube garden hook of system terra 30 Dooa(coverd with foam) fixed with moss coton
Lighting Aquasky g30
Filtration Aqua clean ac dooa filtration media and dooa mistflow
Plants Dracanea, anubias nana, anubias white, bucephalandra,photinia green, photinia red, nephrolepis, chlorophytum, dracaena green, hydrocotyle
Animals 10 red shrimp 5 red cheery shrimp
Materials Okta stone amazonia ada soil
Additional Information Amazonia sol Dooa tropical river sand okhta stone

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