#401: 11L Paludarium Volcanic rocks .Rotten piles

Zhanglixian jinan, China


Nicely done but you should have removed damaged leaves from 'dead' center!
— Cory Nudelman
The selection of plants and feel of this setup looks very natural. The textures and overall composition as effective as well. I wish the photos showed the entire setup though.
— Tanner Serpa
With people growing more different swamp and marsh plants in "water's edge" displays we are pushing our boundaries a bit in terms of what constitutes a paludarium. But I'm afraid a "wet area with some plants growing out of it" just BARELY qualifies to my eye.
— Karen Randall

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 20 × 20 × 28 cm
Title Volcanic rocks .Rotten piles
Volume 11L
Background blue and white background light
Lighting COB downlights, clear water, wind and bamboo micro-view lights
Filtration REPTIZOO Climbing Humidifier TF03
Plants 禾叶狸藻Utricularia bifida、小蓝兔狸藻Utricularia sandersonii 、利维达狸藻Utricularia livida、瓦堡狸藻Utricularia warburgii、长叶狸藻Utricularia longifolia、金丝绒茅膏菜Drosera x(nitidula x pulchella)、孔雀茅膏菜Drosera paradoxa、勺叶茅膏菜Drosera spatulata、爱丝捕虫堇Pinguicula esseriana、宝贝捕蝇草Dionaea muscipula、全绿捕蝇草Dionaea muscipula、小叶冷水花Pilea microphylla、大莎草Eleocharis vivipara、银粉背蕨Aleuritopteris argentea、黑心蕨Doryopteris concolor、伏石蕨Lemmaphyllum microphyllum、某凤尾藓Fissidens sp.、地钱Marchantia polymorpha、大叶藓Rhodobryum roseum、匐灯藓Plagiomnium cuspidatum、钝叶匐灯藓Plagiomnium rostratum、粗枝藓Gollania clarescens、凤尾藓Fissidens exilis等等
Animals Daphnia Daphnia、 Jevus Poduridae、 a snail's Kaliella
Additional Information Inspired by Takashi Amano's famous photographic work Vaj cedar and ADA natural landscape.
Through humidifier, evaporation of water and transpiration of plants, the landscape realizes the fluctuation of water level (once every two days), which makes the landscape closer to the natural environment.
—— salute Mr. Takashi Amano

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