#867: 17L Paludarium Torreon

Borja montero leoz Urries, zaragoza, Spain


Nice work but the aquatic section is lacking.
— Cory Nudelman
You need to work on bringing a more cohesive design to your work from top to bottom but especially you need to work on the water area. I can see you are trying to give it extra light which is good. But the substrate is very dirty with loose mulm and the amount of light available is not working for the plants you are trying to use. Sometimes it is just better to stick to the kinds of plants that CAN work in your set up even if it means you must use Anubias Java ferns and Buce. Better to have those plants healthy than poor growth in dirty conditions!
— Karen Randall
The overall layout and feel of this setup is good and unique. However I think it would look much better with smaller plants. The pothos and other large plants diminish the sense of scale.
— Tanner Serpa

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 20 × 42 × 21 cm
Title Torreon
Volume 17L
Lighting Sun sun 30cm
Filtration Filtro esponja interno
Plants Sumergido:Anubias, glossoestigma, hidrocotyle tripartita,
Emergido: soleirola, monsterra, aralia, spatifilium ,photo, dracena, singanium
Materials Madera olivo, roca rioyu, madera romero,
Additional Information Fertilizante flourish seachen
arena ada cosmetica y sustrato help plants

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