#254: 55.4L Aquatic Garden Uprising

Javier Lozano Rotterdam, Netherlands

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 48 × 34 × 34 cm
Title Uprising
Volume 55.4L
Background clear background
Lighting twinstar II 450 EA, 8 hours/day with a led cotroller for sunrise and sunset symulation.
Filtration JBL crystalprofi 402e greenline 450L/h.
filtermedia: eheim substrate pro
Plants Bucephalandra Sp Japan
Bucephalandra needle leaf
Cryptocotyne Parva
Hydrocotyle tripartita
Limnophila hippuridoides
Lobelia cardinalis mini
Rotala bonsai
Monte Carlo micromantem
Animals Fish:
2 Amber tetra's
2 Corydoras pygme
2 Ottocynclus affinus
8 Rasbora Brigittae
shrimp :
12 Amano shrimp
80 orso Bloody Mary's
and 5 Nerite zebra snails
Materials Substrate : Tropica substrate
Tropica soil
ADA collorado sand.
Hardscape : Dragonstone and Talawa wood
Additional Information I have this tank running for two years, with a couple of different looks, i do 2 water changes a week, one on Wednesday 20 to 25 %, and the second on Sunday 40 to 45 %.
I use the liquid fertilizers from Green aqua the micro and macro, 1 pump micro, the next day macro and so on.
I do little trimming sessions every 3 weeks, i don't do big trimming sessions because it unbalances the little tank to much, and than i can get some algae issues. Filter cleaning once every 2 months, but just rinsing the media in aquarium water, and ones every 3 months pipes and tubing. I use pressurized co2 during the 8 hours photoperiod., I do enjoy this tank a lot, hope you like it too.

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