#374: 360L Aquatic Garden TLALOC

Javier Alonso Lecuna Mexico, Mexico

Awards and Comments

Top Ten
Strong and colorful.
Awesome and well done layout.
Working with this kind of volcanic stone is not an easy job.
In this case they were absolutely well used and the final effect was great. Even being very dark it is possible to notice some shadows on the rocks a fact that validates the layout giving volume and a sense of depth.
All four corners of the aquarium were well worked and resolved and the health and shape of all plants is amazing.
In terms of shape the foreground is marvelous and natural. In terms of details... unfortunately I felt some laziness to solve this issue.
Joking aside very colorful happy and pleasant layout congratulations!!!
— André Longarco
Lovely tank with great colorful and an impactful hardscape. The use of plants creates a very natural feeling. The right half is a little overwhelming and overpowers the left.

Great job!
— Marvin Lo

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 120 × 60 × 50 cm
Volume 360L
Lighting chihiros rgb vivid II x2
Filtration canister boyu efu 45
Plants rotala rotundifolia, rotala green, rotala macandra pink, pogostemon helferi, hemianthus callitrichoides, micranthemum montecarlo, microsorum pteropus java petite, glossostigma elatinoides, eleocharis mini, utricularia graminifolia, hygrophila pinnatifida, vesicularia montagnei, bucephalandra godzila, bucephalandra skeleton king
Animals paracheirodon simulans, neocaridina hetherodopoda cherry
Materials aquasoil amazonia II, lava rock, la plata sand

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