#501: 363L Aquatic Garden Lotus pond in summer


Awards and Comments

Top Ten
Refreshing elegant and very beautiful. It was love at first sight for me!
— Esther Mous
Unusual and daring choice of plants that resulted in a very colorful and delicate aquarium.
The driftwood is confusing the view a little bit... perhaps less would be more clean and appropriate.
Despite the sharp angle of the rocks positively contrasting with the form and shapes of the plants they could be more attractive or more natural.
I love to see aquariums outside the box!!!
— André Longarco

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 120 × 55 × 55 cm
Title Lotus pond in summer
Volume 363L
Lighting LED
Filtration EHEIM
Plants N. sp.Peru-Puerto Maldonado Nymphaea maculata Schumach Nymphaea 'Black Beauty Nymphaea.sp Bolivian Sword Eleocharis yokoscensis Echinodorus tenellus Staurogyne repens Ranunculaceae
Materials Tectona grandis L.F. quartzite

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