#382: 180L Dutch Aquascape Suumunwonjukdory

ParkJunWoo Gumi, South Korea


This is very pretty but you have a LOT of species a LOT of red and the groupings are fairly tightly packed in together.
— Karen Randall
It is tanks like these that really make it hard for me as a judge. The main issue? That I love this tank! I love the serenity in the atmosphere of it I love the contrasts with the foreground and I love the brown colors.

The problem is it is missing too many details of Dutch Style aquascaping to allow me to rank it extremly high. Dutch Style would require more green more variation in leaf sizes etc.

So not the best in this category. But I would not change anything if it was my own tank!
— Marco Aukes
This is a stunningly beautiful and healthy tank.

However it blends styles - Dutch + Nature Aquarium. Repeating bushes of rounded top-mowed Rotala are classic features of Asian approaches not Dutch.

The wall-to-wall foreground of one species and the wall-to-wall red stem plants depart from true Dutch style.

Clearly this aquarist has expertise in horticulture. Following just a few simple rules of Dutch style aquascaping (1 species per 10 cm of tank length) strong contrast in leaf size shape and color could have easily put this tank at or near the top.

I love it...but this ain't Dutch.

Here are some tips and guidelines for Dutch style aquascapers:
— Vin Kutty

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 90 × 45 × 45 cm
Title Suumunwonjukdory
Volume 180L
Background Black board
Lighting Led. D.I.Y
Filtration internal corner filter 20w
Plants Rotala hara. Rotala species. Rotala rotundifolia. Rotala colorata. Ludwigia ovalis Miq. Rotala sp sunset. Ludwigia sp. Didiplis diandra. Micranthemum montecarlo. Ludwigia repens. Cardamine lyrata. Ludwigia senegarlensis. Ludwigia tornado. Limnophila aquatica. Cryptocoryne flamingo. Ludwigia brevipes.
Animals Shrimp. Guppy
Materials Neo Soil.

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