#459: 84L Dutch Aquascape Wall Moss

M. Ariyanto Jambi, Indonesia


Nice healthy groups of plants and well placed eye catchers.

The straight line of Styrogaune unfortunately kills a lot of the good work done for the overall impression. If you would bring the Blyxa all the way to the front the "street" effect would be even bigger and you cut that straight line.
— Marco Aukes
Moss walls are always welcome but when overdone especially on the side walls they start to close in on you boxing the plants within. This might be too much of a good thing. I suggest using taller plants against the left and right walls so you negate the need for moss on 3 walls.

In a much larger tank I would have loved the disciplined look of the Bacopa monnieri - perfectly vertical stems often make for great contrast next to less disciplined or floppy species. The just-joined-the-army look of the over-trimmed Blyxa and the mini-wall of Staurogyne in the front feel very artificial.

I like that there are several shades of green here instead of all being light green.
— Vin Kutty

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 60 × 40 × 35 cm
Title Wall Moss
Volume 84L
Background Java moss
Lighting HPL LED. 92watt
Filtration Canister
Plants 1. Hydrocotyle vulgaris
2. Staurogyne repens
3. Ludwigia glandulosa
4. Anubias barteri
5. Bacopa monnieri
6. Proserpinaca palustris cuba
7. Blyxa alternifolia
8. Hygrophilia difformis
Animals 1. glowlight tetra albino, 14 fish
2. red cherry, 100 shrimps
3. assassin snail, 6 snail
Materials 1. Soil
2. Pumice stone
3. Base fertilizen
4. Bakteri
Additional Information Co2. Macro and micro. liquid fertilizer

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