#633: 84L Dutch Aquascape Waterpaleis

Ni Made Dewi Sukmawati Denpasar, Indonesia


Not a bad attempt and I like the different structures. The Vallisneria in the back with the thin leaves helps bring depth.

However Dutch Style requires the Cabomba to be neatly trimmed as a group (and preferably taller stems). Also focusing all the brown/red in the centre (or almost) does not help.
— Marco Aukes

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 60 × 40 × 35 cm
Title Waterpaleis
Volume 84L
Background White sunblast
Lighting 60 watt DIY
Filtration Single DIY canister 1000L/h
Plants 1. Vallisneria Nana
2. Cabomba Caroliniana
3. Staurogyne Porto Velho
4. Ludwigia Red Rubin
5. Echinodorus Pearl Hadi
6. Cryptocorine Wendtii Brown
7. Bacopa Caroliana
8. Lobelia Cardinalis
Animals 10 Amandae , 10 local shrimp, 2 snails
Materials None
Additional Information Substrat & Fertilization By Pigment Hijau Aquair

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