#516: 64.8L Aquatic Garden Little Dream

Pornsan Phuthong Chiang Mai, Thailand

Awards and Comments

Top Ten
A very carefully designed setup with very good condition of plants especially the moss treatment on the driftwood is perfect!
— Dave Chow
This aquarium has everything to be a great layout but I couldn't understand if is one macro or a micro view of a landscape?
Looking in an isolated way the center of the layout is like a far landscape. Seem like distant fields with a path in the center of a small ravine going into the far distance.
But when you look at the huge trunk with a big shadow on the left and the empty foreground everything looks much closer than the center looked to be.
This impression is accentuated because the foreground at totally separated from the rest of aquarium. This causes a sensation that everything is close.
The reflections could be improved and the density of the bushes too. More fishes would be nice.
There also are abrupt changes of colours between green and red that could be more smooth.
You have the skills but more practice and study are necessary to transform great ideas in awesome aquariums. Don't give it up you have the passion needed to be a great Aquascaper and Nature Lover.
My sincere congratulations!!!
— André Longarco
Very healthy and vibrant aquarium. I can see you take good care of your plants and are meticulous with the upkeep. The shadows are good except for the large piece of wood in the left it draws my attention away from the focal point. Also the foreground is very one dimensional some depth or plants would help break it up.

Keep up the good work!
— Marvin Lo
Beautiful layout. I love quality of the plants and shades in the wood.
I would like the front to be not so flat and had more details with small rocks. That will enhance the foreground and would also be a very good idea to leave some space in the wood without moss and that would give strength to the hardscape.
And last recommendation try to take the photo during the photoperiod of the aquarium and not after that is why the Rotalas are closed and do not give the impact that they should give.

Excellent work. Congratulations!
— Jhonny Vanegas Cardenas

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 60 × 36 × 30 cm
Title Little Dream
Volume 64.8L
Lighting Diy led 3w
Filtration Ehiem 2213
Plants Crystal moss, Java moss, Frame moss, Large Pearl Grass, Anubias Petite, Hair grass twist,
Hygrophila pinnatifida, Rotala H'ra
Animals Dwarf rasbora, Least rasbora
Materials Substrate pumice, Crazy Stone Amazon Soil, Rock Thai, Wood Thai

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