#619: 60L Aquatic Garden Forest Green Valley

Carlos Souza São Paulo, Brazil

Awards and Comments

Top Ten
Nice aquarium with a very natural atmosphere.
Classic U shape layout that stands out because of the nice work with driftwood and good proportion 2:3 ratio.
Although there are many unnecessary trunks the overall set is good. I always advise after putting all the hardscape inside the tank it is necessary to choose which ones need to be withdrawn because in almost all cases it is very easy to put much more material that we need.
The higher point of this layout is the center of the aquarium in all planes. One more time for this point is possible to feel how unnecessary the driftwood in a fork shape is in the center of layout between the middleground and background. Note how this trunk blocks one important and interesting part of the layout!
The reflections are okay. The overall pruning is overdue and in some points the plants' appearance is messy.
Points that could be improved:
1. The proportion of the rocks is a little bit bigger than ideal mostly the big stone in the foreground.
2. To do details in the foreground it is necessary to use various sizes of gravel like you have done but please don't put them in the aquarium so near to the day of the picture because in that way they look fake.
Other than that what a rich and lovely layout!!
Congratulation you definitely have the skills!
— André Longarco
Great composition with the hardscape and plants. The wood is a little haphazard which makes it seem unruly. The plant selection and placement is great.

Good work!
— Marvin Lo

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 60 × 40 × 25 cm
Title Forest Green Valley
Volume 60L
Background branco
Lighting Chihiros Wrgb 2
Filtration 2 Eheim 2213
Plants Hemianthus Calitrichoides Cuba,Bolbitis,Eleocaris Parvula,Eleocaris Acicularis,Hydrocotyle Tripartita Mini,Marsilea Angustifolia,Bucephalandra,Anubia Golden,Anubia Petit,Lilaeopsis Brasilienses,Bacopa Reflexa,Cryptocoryne Parva,Monte Carlo,Ludwigia Sp Red, Nambe Moss, Fissidens Moss,Amannia Bonsai,Echinodorus Tennelus Blood,Microsorum Windelov,Riccardia Moss,Ranunculus Papulenthus,Pogostemon Helferi,Staurogine Sp,Utricularia Graminifolia
Animals Hyphessobrycon amandae,Danio Margaritatus
Materials Mbreda Amazônia Extra Fino, Mbreda, Nature Sand Mbreda, Black Blue e Mbreda Perolada e cascalho natural rochas e raizes
Additional Information 2 Tpas por semana +fertilização liquida Mbreda diariamente

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