#517: 102.7L Dutch Aquascape Autumnal Sorrow

Nel Arvin Ramos Iloilo City, Philippines


Being a redhead myself it kills me to say: but this is a red overkill.

It looks stunning and impressive but for a Dutch Style a lot more restraint on using red plants is required.
— Marco Aukes
I'm in love with the colors and health of this tank. I could spend hours sitting in front of it.

It's a gorgeous tank.

However this is not a true Dutch style tank. The structural requirements of a Dutch tank are almost entirely missing - limit species count to 1 species per 10 cm of tank length apply principles of contrast and focal points use mostly green plants with a few focal point red species use a blend of stems grasses mosses and rosettes.

Be sure to remove all equipment before photography and crop images to eliminate distractions outside the tank.

Here are some tips and guidelines for Dutch style aquascapers:
— Vin Kutty

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 81 × 36 × 36 cm
Title Autumnal Sorrow
Volume 102.7L
Background Matte Black Vinyl Sticker
Lighting Week Aqua Pandora P900
Filtration Aqua Syncro Extreme Canister Filter AE80
Plants Ludwigia Pantanal
Ludwigia White
Ludwigia Inclinata Red
Ludwigia Arcuata
Nesaea Pedicellata Golden
Ar Mini
Ar Rosanervig
Lobelia Cardinalis
Limnophila Belem
Persicaria sp. 'Sao Paulo'
Limnophila Hippuridoides
Rotala Macrandra Red
Ammania Gracilis
Rotala H'ra
Bacopa Caroliniana
Rotala Indica
Bacopa Salzmannii 'Purple'
Hygrophila 'Araguaia'
Syngonanthus Macrocaulon
Rotala mexicana "Goiás"
Eriocaulon Ratnagiri
Eriocaulon Cenerium
Eriocaulon Vietnam
Blyxa Japonica
Rotala Redcross
Staurogyne Purple
Animals 4 Black Mollies
Materials ADA Aqua Soil Amazonia Ver 2

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