#546: 129.6L Aquatic Garden Amandae paradise

DOUHERET Maxime Le palais sur Vienne, France

Awards and Comments

Top Ten
Stunning layout!
Awesome hardscape with evident perspective lines.
It's a pity that a great part of hardscape mostly on the left side was covered by plants.
I like aquariums like this who use and occupy with mastery the four corners of the layout. All corners were absolutely valued and in this case increasing the amplitude of the perspective.
The colors are well disposed as good as it gets attracting the attention of the observer.
One point of improvement would be not to divide the both sides so symmetrically in the aquarium center.
But anyway this is the kind of aquarium that makes me believe in the human capacity to understand nature.
Well done!!! Congratulations!!!
— André Longarco
Excellent layout with a very strong hardscape! Plant placement well done however some of the plants like the mosses may be a little overgrown.

Well done!
— Marvin Lo

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 90 × 45 × 32 cm
Title Amandae paradise
Volume 129.6L
Background DIY backlight 6000k
Lighting Chihiros wrgb1 90 8h/day

Additionnal nuniQ 90s for photo
Filtration Oase biomaster thermo 250
Plants scientific name. *
Rotala green, hra, orange juice. Micranthemum monte carlo, hemiantus cuba, glossotigma elatinoides, tripartita, lilaeopsis novae zelandia, eleocharis mini. Amano pearl, micranthemum micrantemoides Blyxa japonica, hygrophyla pinnatifida. Anubias mini , some buces species. Riccardia, pilo moss
Animals Tetra amandae, red Sakura, Amano shrimps
Materials Ohko stone, river sand, pouzzolane, ichiban dark soil
Additional Information NPK, traces by powder
Co2 by 2kg extinguisher

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