#621: 680L Dutch Aquascape Affinity

Paul Harris Ashford, United Kingdom


This scape brings a lot of classic Dutch Style elements in practice.

It therefore is unfortunate that the pictures look a bit "flat' and appear to miss color. Could also be that the light intensity on the tank is a bit on the low side.
— Marco Aukes
Taking on the challenge of a 6-foot Dutch tank means several hours of work every week. I admire anyone willing to take on this task.

This aquarist is aware of Dutch styling rules and guidelines but lack of definition and contrast cost this entry a lot of points. One trick to identifying adequacy of contrast is to step back about 20 feet and squint your eyes. If you do that you will find that the center/front of the tank starting with the Lobelia and arching over the Alternanthera and ending in the Hygrophila all blurs into one mass of green - it is very hard to tell where one species ends and another begins. Some plants are also starting to exhibit nyctinasty (closing up leaves for the night).

The basic elements of a gorgeous Dutch tank are present here but it needs a lot of work to get it there.

Here are some tips and guidelines for Dutch style aquascapers:
— Vin Kutty

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 180 × 60 × 60 cm
Title Affinity
Volume 680L
Background Black card
Lighting 5 x 80w T5 tubes
Filtration Ehiem 2028 Ehiem 2012
Plants 1 Crytocoryne Wendetii green, 2 Hydrocotyl leucephala, 3 Bacopa monerii, Najas guadalupensis, 4 Lymnophila aquatica, 5 Nyphaea 'Red Tiger Lotus', 6 Ludwigia 'Rubin', 7 Lobelia cardinalis, 8 Bacopa carolina, 9 Myriopyllum matogrossense, 10 Hottonia palustris, 11 Heterantera zosterifolia, 12 Rotala rotundifolia, Ludwigia 'Super mini red, 13 Alternanthera reineckii 'mini red', 14 Limnophila sessifolia 15 Hygrophila difformis, 16 Crytocoryne Balense, 17 Crytocoryne wendetii brown
Animals 30 Harlequins, 25 Rummynose, 20+ Platies, 12 Otocyclus.
Materials JML Mando
Additional Information Ferts from base chemicals dosed daily. CO2 from a fire extinguisher

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