#763: 576L Dutch Aquascape Colours of nature

Pavlina Pevna Prague, Czech Republic


This is a lovely tank! Perhaps a little heavy on the reds but still lovely. Good diagonal lines. It would be great if you could get those two middle groups of plants in the back to fill in just a bit more!
— Karen Randall
Very strong Dutch Style tank with popping contrasts.

One thing that is missing a bit is the variation of height in the plants on the back row. In the rest of the aquarium this variation is spot on but leaving just a small portion of the back wall visible could already improve the overall 'scape a lot.

Love the contrasts though well done!
— Marco Aukes
Traditional Dutch style tanks are best displayed in a 6-foot (180 cm) long tank. There's something about the size of this aquatic canvas that lends itself well to the art. It also means an unbelievable amount of work to properly maintain a tank of this size.

Plant groupings are well done and with excellent contrast. Great use of mid ground species. Good plant health and condition.

Some minor quibbles: while the species count for a tank of this size is acceptable this entry would have been better with two or three fewer species especially in the right half where there is an overabundance of small groups of mid ground species. I would have removed Rotala sp. Pearl from the tank. The Limnophila and many other species seem freshly trimmed. This gives the tank an unfinished and restless feel. Waiting a day or two to complete the photography would have helped the tank look more relaxed. The scape has an abundance of stem plants and would have benefited greatly by the addition of grasses some moss and a large-leaf plant like Nymphaea or Ottelia or even a traditional Echinodorus or Aponogeton. When you have dramatically colored plants like Ludwigia palustris Super Red and Cryptocoryne sp. Flamingo the use of other red plants needs to be curtailed.

Application of uncommonly used plants like Floscopa scandens Bacopa myriophylloides and Nechamandra alternifolia are noted and welcome. That Bacopa is not always easy.

Overall this is a spectacular tank that deserves recognition. A few minor and easy corrections would have put it at the top of my list.
— Vin Kutty

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 180 × 50 × 64 cm
Title Colours of nature
Volume 576L
Background black paint
Lighting 1x Aquatlantis Easy Led 1450mm 72W, 1x Zetlight Lancia 2 56W, 1x Chihiros LED A serie Plus 120W, 1x Chihiros LED A serie Plus 55W
Filtration JBL e1502 2x
Plants 1. Nechamandra alternifolia 2. Ludwigia sp. mini "super red", 3.Floscopa scandens, 4.Limnophila aquatica, 5.Ludwigia arcuata, 6.Bacopa myriophylloides, 7.Rotala sp. Pearl, 8. Syngonanthus macrocaulon, 9.Anubias Barteri 10. Tonina fluviatilis 11. Eriocaulon sp. Vietnam, 12.Hygrophila Balsamica 13.Hygrophila sp. Brown 14.Hydrocotyle tripartita "Japan" 15. Cryptocoryne sp. Flamingo 16. Ammania sp. Bonsai 17. Hygrophila Araguaia 18.Limnophila aromatica mini 19.Bucephalandra Theia 20. Rotala macrandra mini type 4 21. Staurogyne Porto Velho
Animals Paracheirodon axelrodi 70x, Xiphophorus maculatus 'Coral'10x, Crossocheilus siamensis 3x, Poecilia reticulata 10x, Neocaridina Davidi var. Red cherry, snail
Materials black siliceous gravel
Additional Information CO2, fertilization - Aquagrower micro complex, own macro mixture

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