#775: 240L Dutch Aquascape Baby green

Pierre stabile sistiana, Italy


Really nice looking plants in big groups!

It appears however that the composition is limited by lack of light in the corners which causes the corners of the tank to remain empty.

I would also prefer some bigger leaves to give more contrast in leaf shapes and a street of plants to push the sense of depth to the next level and bring more variation in height.
— Marco Aukes
Variation in color is a key part of a successful Dutch style aquarium - this entry has that requirement covered.

However many of the other elements of Dutch style aquasaping are missing.

You need a balance of stems grasses mosses and one or two large-leaf plants. A sense of depth is lacking due to the absence of a fully developed foreground and mid ground. The top left corner is undeveloped and/or completely dark. Stay with one species per 10 cm of tank length.

Here are some tips and guidelines for Dutch style aquascapers:
— Vin Kutty

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 120 × 40 × 55 cm
Title Baby green
Volume 240L
Background Adesivo nero
Lighting 6x 54 w neon t5 con deflettori singoli
Filtration X2 oase biomaster 350 100%seachem matrix
Plants Syngonantus meta. Macrandra green. Myriophillum mattogrossense golden. Rotala mexicana. Tonina fluviatillis. Cabomba furcata. Myriophillum mattogrossense. Ammania oedicellata nasea golden. Ludwigia palustris sp red. Pogostemon erectus. Rotala shayadrica. Ludwigia white. Eriocaulon quinquangulare and blood vomit. Hygrophyla sp chai 1 stem Pogostemon stellatus
Animals 20 cardinali . 15 caridina japonica
Materials Tropica soil 36 litri
Additional Information Purtroppo la parte posteriore non è molto alta. Nel complesso spero la vasca piaccia.

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