#848: 202.5L Dutch Aquascape Elshanum park

Sepriyadhi nasution Bogor, Indonesia


This one ticks many boxes of Dutch Style with the "street" as the best part complimented by the Vallisneria.

Some of the plants appear not to be fully grown and this is one of the rare occasions where I would ask for more popping red plants.
— Marco Aukes
There are several elements here that are clearly Dutch in origin and intent - the well-executed street the use of traditionally Dutch plant species curtain plant on the right a good balance of grasses and stems not overdoing red stems etc.

However many parts of the tank feel under trimmed and freshly planted. There are unacceptably large gaps to the back wall.

I can't believe I am saying this...but more red please.

Timing all species so they all reach their peak on photography day is difficult and requires planning. One species may require 6 days from trim to peak and another 15 days. What you need to do is trim each species on different days with the goal of all species arriving at peak size and condition on the day you take your pictures.

Here are some tips and guidelines for Dutch style aquascapers:
— Vin Kutty

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 100 × 45 × 45 cm
Title Elshanum park
Volume 202.5L
Background Hitam
Lighting Chihiros wrgb 90
Filtration Diy
Plants Hygrophila deformis, etc
Animals Cardinal tetra
Materials Soil
Additional Information Etc

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