#888: 284.3L Dutch Aquascape September Sunshine

Joe Harvey Athens, AL, United States

Awards and Comments

Top Five
Very well done on many items of Dutch Style. Nice street good contrasts in many areas.

For me the amount of orange is a bit too much but with such a title what could I expect. The groups of plants are very well done unfortunately the Buce in the backwall will only bring a stunning effect once it is fully grown out.
— Marco Aukes
As a diehard plant nerd I love seeing new species introduced into Dutch aquascapes. Thanks for introducing Sagittaria cf. filiformis into this style. Consider me tickled.

The term 'Buce-wall' was introduced into Dutch parlance in a very similar tank a couple of years ago. It's used well here.

If the use of Myriophyllum sp. Roraima as the right curtain plant is a nod to master Dutch scaper Willem van Wezel then well done!

Overall I feel like this tank checks off all the official requirements of a serious Dutch tank. A Lobelia street - check. Rosettes - check. Planted back wall - check. Curtain plants - check. Well developed mid ground - check. Contrast - check. Varied but not overcrowded foreground - check. Perfectly shaped Nymphaea - check. Minimal symmetry - check. Healthy plants - check.

All the essential pieces to take the top prize are present...yet I'm hesitating. Possibly because the scape feels deadline-rushed or recently planted like plants were uprooted and moved around. Things feel a little too fresh. Dutch tanks often feel rushed or driven if over-fertilized with Estimative Index method but the growth rate's not what's bothering me here.

My second favorite tank this year. The fundamentals are all there but it looks like a supermodel the morning after a wild party.
— Vin Kutty

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 122 × 46 × 53 cm
Title September Sunshine
Volume 284.3L
Background Black plastic art mesh, suction cupped to the glass for attaching plants.
Lighting 4 x 54 watt T5HO
Bulbs: 1x Powerveg 660, 1 x ATI Purple, 2 x ISun T5 LED
Filtration SunSun canister. CO2 diffused via inline atomizer
Plants 1. Vallisneria Spiralis Leopard, 2. Hygrophila siamensis 53B, 3. Bacopa salzmannii SP, 4. Sagittaria cf. filiformis, 5. Red Tiger Lily, 6. Hygrophila balsamica, 7. Didiplis diandra, 8. Lobelia cardinalis 'small form', 9. Isoetes lacustris, 10. Myriophyllum guyana, 11. Pogostemon kimberly, 12. Staurogyne spatulata, 13. Heteranthera zosterifolia, 14. Myriophyllum sp roraima, 15. Bucephalandra Melawi Mini (back wall)
Animals 20 x Ember Tetra, 16 x Emerald Dwarf Rasbora (both young juveniles) 6 x Julii Corydora
Materials None
Additional Information Blasting sand substrate.

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