#794: 96.3L Dutch Aquascape Sanctuary

Ralph Peter Icalla Iloilo City, Philippines

Awards and Comments

Top Five
While this is a lovely lush tank the Ludwigia is So big it goes beyond being a “focal point” and does not allow the eye to move along through the rest of the tank. And while your plant street makes a good start it comes to an abrupt end rather than tapering gracefully into the back of the tank. Your Bacopa grouping is well defined but many of the other groupings need better definition and a bit more space around them.
— Karen Randall
I would qualify this as a more modern Dutch Style aquarium. And a very well executed one as well with vibrant and healthy looking plants.

Could score it even higher if the street of tripartata would make it all the way to the back wall and "disappear" there.

I am also not a big fan of the way the Rrotala on right is grouped. But overall: very well done!
— Marco Aukes
Very clever and novel use of Pogostemon stellatus - it looks like a green terrestrial plant with pink flowers. Just four stems - very boldly and confidently used. Well done.

The Hydrocotyle street feels stuffed and too tall. Ideally the street should narrow and disappear behind another plant or piece of wood. Without the disappearing street the viewer is left with a broad cul-de-sac.

A little more trimming would help as the tank feels packed to the brim.

The LED is blue-heavy which gives it a high tech appearance rather than the warm hues of a traditional Dutch tank.

The mound of Rotala rotundifolia is too big to be in the foreground and the shape too dominant and therefore conflicting.

Similarly the hyper-dominance of the red Ludwigia takes away from the rest of the tank - perhaps too much of a good thing.
— Vin Kutty

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 76 × 36 × 36 cm
Title Sanctuary
Volume 96.3L
Background black sticker
Lighting 3 pcs Aquarium supplies LED series bracket aquarium light 20 Watts
Filtration DIY canister type filter
Plants 1. Potamogeton dentatus
2. Pogostemon stellata
3. Hygrophila corymbosa "stricta"
4. Vallisneria nana
5. Rotala rotundifolia
6. Ludwigia repens "rubin"
7. Hydrocotyle tripartita
8. Bacopa caroliniana
9. Echinodorus tenellus
10. Cryptocoryne wendtii brown
Animals 15 Paracheirodon innesi (1 Paracheirodon axelrodi mixed in with the batch)
20 Hyphessobrycon amandae
20+ Red cherry shrimps
Materials None
Additional Information Fertilizer - APT complete
Substrate - Terra Activa 8 liter (2X)
DIY CO2 (Baking soda + Citric acid) at 2-3 bps

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