#889: 84L Dutch Aquascape sweet garden

Muhammad yusuf pekalongan, Indonesia


The mirror effect in this tank with the reflection in the surface water is causing an optical illusion of very straight lines that gives me a feeling of unease. It is a pity because for the rest it has potential.
— Marco Aukes

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 60 × 40 × 35 cm
Title sweet garden
Volume 84L
Background black
Lighting HPL DIY 72watt
Filtration canister DIY
Plants 1.bacopa caroliniana
2.hydrocotyle verticalata
3.cabomba red
4.lobelia cardinalis
5.rotala mexicana Bangladesh
6.pogostemon stellatus
7.staurogyne repens
8.cryptocoryne flamingo dennerle
9.nesea golden
Animals 16 amandae tetra/ ember tetra
100 red Cherry shrimp
Materials full produk pigmen hijau
mocca soil
bio latte (biological media)

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