#850: 84L Dutch Aquascape Kaendahan Jero Cai

Dasep Iskandar Cianjur, Indonesia


Where most people have an issue with selecting too many red plants here the same applies to the amount of light green plants. There are so many great looking plants also available in brown dark green etc. To a lesser extent this also applies to leaf shapes.

The plants look lush and healthy though!
— Marco Aukes
This feels like we're seeing part of a much larger Dutch tank as if the tank continues to the right.

Sixty cm is too small a canvas for Dutch style. When working with smaller Dutch tanks it is critical to shape the plants to begin from one end and finish at the other end. While the left end of the tank feels properly built the right side feels abruptly halted. Using curtain plants help in that regard.

Most of the green plants other than the Bacopa are the same shade of green - they blend into each other. The Eriocaulon sp. Japan could have been replaced with the cool agave-blue Eriocaulon lineare. Dark green Anubias or mosses would have helped. Another easy cool-green plant worth exploring is Acmella repens.

Also having a fully developed foreground and mid ground will add much-needed perception of depth.

Here are some tips and guidelines for Dutch style aquascapers:
— Vin Kutty

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 60 × 40 × 35 cm
Title Kaendahan Jero Cai
Volume 84L
Background Black Sticker
Lighting Chihiros WRGB 2
Filtration 1. Atman 3336
2. Topka JY 02 Skimmer
Plants 1. Vallisneria Nana
2. Eriocaulon sp. Japan
3. Ludwigia Brevipes
4. Pogostemon Helferi (Downoi)
5. Pogostemon Erectus
6. Bacopa Caroliniana
7. Rotala Ramosior Sunset
8. Syngonanthus sp. Belem
9. Ranunculus Inundatus
Animals 1. Tetra Amandae
2. Albino Corydoras
3. Otocinclus Affinis
4. Neocaridina Shrimp
5. Horn Snail
Materials 1. Bio Latte Media Bacteri
2. Maxi Bacteria Starter
3. JBL Aqua Basis
4. Prodibio Soil

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