#165: 6L Wabi-Kusa 溪岸

金春伟 上海市金山区, China


I like the simple concept and the leaf rising to the left rather than using wood. Looks a little wild and probably would benefit from a slight trim.
— JoAnn Fujii
This is a lovely natural Wabi Kusa with beautiful healthy growth. I love that you have presented it with such a beautiful clean water area in your container. This is so important to the presentation!
— Karen Randall
A very well-executed wabi kusa. Highly successful emergent growth showcases your talent as well as a sensitivity to the aesthetic value of wabi kusa.

The large intermixed form of both stem and trailing species like Hydrocotyle sp. 'Japan' look fantastic together. As one mass they give the impression of a hedgerow or the river's edge.

The submerged portion also presents great plant health and care in both husbandry and maintenance. The sand bed is clean using a granule type with good variation to provide imperfection indicative of wabi kusa.

A wonderful wabi kusa. Great work.
— Jack McCarley

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 20 × 20 × 15 cm
Title 溪岸
Volume 6L
Lighting 碧水风和 5W 8小时
Plants 红宫廷 虎耳草 大沙草 天湖葵 绿宫廷 水芹草
Materials 化妆沙

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