#171: 54L Paludarium Gorg de Sant Daniel

Jordi Aguilar Gorris Girona, Spain


A visually pleasing paludarium to view. The health of plants immediately becomes evident even when viewed from a distance which unfortunately detracts from the potential impact this display could have. The hardscape is well-defined and compelling.
— Jack McCarley
While I really like the overall concept of your paludarium and the initial impact is strong when I start to look more closely there are weaknesses. As you say yourself there is a lot of browning of the mosses and other plants and this is a contest condition counts. Remember that you can take your photos at any time during the year! The other problem I have is the fish. At first those bright little fish really attract attention and look good! Then I look at the size of the tank and do some calculations. Even with no rock in the tank this tank filled to 4” would hold less than 5 gallons. Considering the amount of rock my guess is there is half that amount of water. That is just not enough water column to support that number of fish even small ones.
— Karen Randall

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 60 × 30 × 30 cm
Title Gorg de Sant Daniel
Volume 54L
Background volcanic stones
Lighting Aqualighter aquascape 60cm and Chihiros serie A 60cm
Filtration Eheim experience 120
Plants Anubia petite, Cryptocorine parva, Bucephalandra crocodile, Bucephalandra blue green, Piptospatha ridleyi, Adiantum, Ophiopogon japonicus, Nephentes hookeriana, Oedipodium griffithianum, Boston fern.
Animals Rasbora merah, Tetra ambar, Neritina natalensis, Amano shrimps.
Materials Amano-seiryu, Dooa river sand, forest wood.
Additional Information The aquarium is a year and a half old and due to the high temperatures the plants are not at their best. All the elements that make it up are natural.
At first I tried to recreate a landscape with native plants in the emerged part but over time I incorporated other plants that in my opinion gave a nice aesthetic point.

The actual liters of the aquaristic project are 12.5l
At first it was a representation of natural spaces similar to those found in the area of ​​the Vall de Sant Daniel, in Girona (Catalonia).
Finally I have incorporated other plants in the project, I have always tried to respect a natural aesthetic at all times.

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