#662: 60L Paludarium Dragon cave

Iva Slemerova Kostelni Hlavno, Czech Republic


This display has impressive hardscape construction and initial impression. Upon further inspection the maturity and health of Anubias comes into question with pinholes visible. The water to land ratio seems inappropriate for Geosesarma species.

Great work nevertheless.
— Jack McCarley
This is a pretty paludarium with a nice flow from the land to water areas. I question the use of the Cetraria from two perspectives. First I do not believe it can be kept healthy long term in this setting and second I do not believe it is ever naturally this color. That leads me to believe that this material is preserved and dyed not living lichen. While we obviously allow the use of dead wood as hardscape this may be stretching things a bit. It seems to me to be using this material in place of living plants. I have not called a DQ on it but I have deducted points for viablity instead.
— Karen Randall
Very interesting layout! Using smaller varieties of Buce and Anubias would help the overall scale of your water area feel more matched with your land area. You've used finer textured plants up top but it does not continue into the aquatic plants.
— Alex Vella

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 38 × 38 × 43 cm
Title Dragon cave
Volume 60L
Background Dragon stone and slate stone
Lighting Chihiros A serie
Filtration External filter Aqua Nova NFC 1200,
Additional flow-pump on the tank,
Fan in the terestrial section
Plants Anubias bonsai, mini, paxing,
Different bucephalandra species,
Cryptocoryne parva, albida, nevilli,
Ophiopogon minima,
Riccia fluitans,
Hydrocotyle tripartita, vulgaris,
Callisia repens,
Terestrial moss and Cetraria.
Animals Geosesarma Hagen 2pc
Different sulawesi shrimps-c.longidigida, c. Dennerli dark, c. Dennerli, tylomelania orange rabbit 3pc, melanoides tuberculatus, Clithon corona snail
Materials Dragon rock, silicate sand, non active soil, cave construction made of stainless steel wire mesh,
Spider wood.
Additional Information Water parameters set up for Sulawesi, ph7.5, temp. 28 degree Celsia,
No fertilization,
Running almost a year

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