#185: 270L Aquatic Garden Shelter

Adhi Wiratmoko Jakarta, Indonesia


A lonesome old stump.
I love this concept.
The character and texture of this piece of driftwood is very attractive.
Deriving a design concept from this is courageous and ingenious.
But unfortunately I have to say that the idea doesn't fully work out for me.
The Driftwood seems somehow locked into the tank. The side reflections don't help to resolve this narrowness.
The planting is too puristic. The moss is implemented superbly then there could have been more of the long hairgrass and finally there was simply no more space left for attractive planting on the sides.
In addition the photograph appears pale and slightly overexposed.
I think this could have been one of the best works of 2022 and I regret that this opportunity was missed.
Please accept my apologies if I couldn't do you justice.
— Frederic Fuss
This is very special tank I love how simple it is creating a perfect environment for fish. By the other side I feel there is a huge lack of time and planting on it. Maybe covering a bit more of the big driftwood and giving some more weeks this tank will increase in placement.
— Juan Puchades Rufino
This is very bold and I really like it!
— Karen Randall
I love everything about the layout but couldn't help but to remove a few points for water clarity which changed my overall impression of the scape ever so slightly negatively.
— Hiep Hong

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 120 × 50 × 45 cm
Title Shelter
Volume 270L
Background sanblast sticker
Lighting 2x chihiros A series 120cm
Filtration 2x eheim 2217
Plants anubias petite, buchephalandra, valisneria nana, eleocharis montevidensis, US fissinden moss, microrum needle, nymphea sp. red,
Animals Gymnocorymbus ternetzi (black tetra)
Materials lava rock, santigi wood
Additional Information Fertilization:
Once a week Macro & micro liquid fertz
Substrate : Pasir malang
Photograph taken by cell phone
My inspiration is how to create shelter for fishes than creating handmade landscape.
Shout out for all indonesian aquascaper..SLEBEW

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