#342: 264L Aquatic Garden The Matano 6.0

Andi Wahyu Ilhamka Dj Makassar, Indonesia


It is fun to work with fine small-leafed plants and you do have a lovely variety of colors. But don't forget that for good aquascape design you must also show us good use of hardscape and difference of leaf size as well. Using plants with such similar leaf size and shape makes it too hard to find a place for the eye to rest.
— Karen Randall

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 120 × 55 × 40 cm
Title The Matano 6.0
Volume 264L
Background Black paint
Lighting DIY Led 112 watt + kandila S1000
Filtration Under Gravel Filter + 200L/h pump
Canister Eheim 2017
Plants Anubias petite, bucephalandra, needle fern, pinnatifida, reinecky, rotala rotundifolia, fissiden us, bolbitis
Animals Amandae tetra, molly, CAE, mambo shrimp
Materials Santigi wood and Sulawesi stone
Additional Information Pressurized Co2 1 bps 24/7
EI fert
This tank is 4 years old and submited for AGA contest 4 consecutive years

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