#193: 4050L Paludarium Zhongnan Mountain

ZHE SUN Nanjing, China

Awards and Comments

Second Place
Stunning hardscape and terrestrial planting… and sheer size. But if you are THIS good… PLEASE don’t make the water area an after thought! Use your considerable talent to show us your best in the plantings there too!!!
— Karen Randall
You've mastered scale and depth! I have been completely transported into the scene. Beautifully done!
— Alex Vella
The scale of this display is impressive alone creating a great sense of mood and intrigue. When examined in greater detail the expansive planting and its intricate details are noted.

What else is noted are diorama elements like those replicating small buildings. This immediately defines the sense of scale of the entire display removing this privilege from the viewer to consider.

The display also features a large front cut-out of the stonework for allowing mist to flow. Greater effort to disguise this element would enhance the immersion of the viewer for it distracts.

The submerged portion features no transitional species abruptly shifting from terrestrial plants to submerged species. Microsorum pteropus is planted directly into the substrate.

These details aside when viewed as a whole the display is impressive. Refined especially in its submerged portion and with details considered above - this paludarium will be truly remarkable.
— Jack McCarley

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 270 × 100 × 150 cm
Title Zhongnan Mountain
Volume 4050L
Lighting LED 40W*18
Filtration tank bottom filter
Plants 真柏,珍珠柏,朴树,羽叶福禄桐,米竹,菖蒲等
Materials 英德石
Additional Information 灵感来源:唐 王维 终南山 太乙近天都,连山接海隅。白云回望合,青霭入看无。分野中峰变,阴晴众壑殊。欲投人处宿,隔水问樵夫。

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