#215: 64L Aquatic Garden Dawn over Flooded Grassland

Tom Dienemann Neunkirchen, Germany

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 60 × 30 × 36 cm
Title Dawn over Flooded Grassland
Volume 64L
Background Illuminated background
Filtration external filter
Plants Lagenandra meboldi red, echinodorus, ludwigia arcuata, lilaeopsis brasiliensis, hygrophila araguaia, eleocharis acicularis mini, hairgrass, blyxa japonica, hellanthium tenellum red
Animals ~ 10x Rasbora Dorsiocelata
~ 10x Galaxy Rasbora
~ 10x Sparkling Gourami
~ 10x Amano Shrimp
Materials Black Lava Rock, Tropica Soil, lava granulate
Additional Information As the title „Dawn over Flooded Grassland“ suggests, I wanted to create a certain mood with this scape. As the standart ADA 60P is limited in depth, I focused on creating the vastness of a grassland using fine structured plants in the back (ludwigia arcuata and accicularis mini) and bolder plants such as Lagenandra, Echinodorus and the bigger grass type (lilaeopsis brasiliensis) in the front. The orange colour of the background plants provides the desired „dawn“ effect.

However, I wanted to create a scape that has more of a natural aquascape look to it, rather than a classic diorama scape.

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