#220: 25L Aquatic Garden Shrimp's Magic Light

Emilhan Yılmaz ankara, Turkey

Awards and Comments

Top Ten
Very interesting to read how you accomplished this. It is also a very good example for people to see how easily very strong hardscape can be totally swamped with plant mass! As beautiful as your moss is you needed to trim it back to allow more of your beautiful hardscape to shine through and also use more of the higher plants as contrast for all the moss. That said the moss is vibrantly healthy and the hardscape is beautiful. You have just totally lost it in the weeds!
— Karen Randall
Strong hardscape but the plants does their work by covering everything. This kind of layout deserves more trimming but anyway love this aquarium. :)
— Jhonny Vanegas Cardenas
The moss looks great and the original composition and hardscape are lovely. The photography could have presented this tank better as I feel like the depth of field is way too shallow and too much of the scape is out of focus.
— Hiep Hong

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 40 × 28 × 23 cm
Title Shrimp's Magic Light
Volume 25L
Background no background used
Lighting Creaqua 25 w led. 4 hours daily
Filtration 450/h small external filter
Plants Bucephalandra types . (4-5 different mini-species),3-4 different types of mini anubias,Fissidens sp. Miroshaki Moss ,Fissidens fontanus ,flame moss, pilo moss,Eleocharis Parvula ,
Animals heteropoda shrimp ,Neocaridina Species,Borneo sucker , ramshorn snail
Materials frudo stone , ancira wood, lava gravel,river sand
Additional Information I started this nano aquarium completely dry start. After chopping different types of moss, I mixed it with activated soil mud and applied it to the decor with a brush.
I added 2 cm of water to the bottom of the tank. I put a cold steam device into this water and run it with a timer. I covered the tank with cling film. I waited for the moss to develop in this way for 4 weeks.In the following days, I raised 2 cm of water every day. thus the growing moss adapted to the aquatic environment.I filled the back of the decors on the front with active soil . so i have a balanced ph.I used tropica mixed fertilizer. I gave 15 ppm co2.
Dear AGA team, it is a great honor for me to participate in this wonderful competition that you organize every year. I know that you spent a lot of energy and effort for this competition and I congratulate you. I wish success to all my friends who participated in the competition. with love

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