#162: 26.9L Aquatic Garden Windy Hill

Titas Das Kolkata, India

Awards and Comments

Top Ten
This scape does a great job with the planting I really love the partially exposed stone in the front center.
— Hiep Hong
Nice layout plant color and recovery. I suggest next time to give 1 month more before shooting I think this tank had an algae crisis. Anyway beautiful design.
— Jhonny Vanegas Cardenas

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 32 × 28 × 30 cm
Title Windy Hill
Volume 26.9L
Background White Vinyl
Lighting Chihiros C2 RGB
Filtration Sunsun HBL 801
Plants Micranthemum sp. 'Monte Carlo', Riccardia Chamedryfolia, Scrophulariaceae sp., Rotala Green, Rotala sp. Hra, Hygrophila Pinnatifida, Bucephelandra sp. Mini, Pogostemon Helferi, Marsilea Hirsuta
Animals Ember Tetra
Materials Elephant skin stone

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