#300: 270L Aquatic Garden Power of Nature

Konstantin Chkhapeliya Kazan, Russian Federation

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 120 × 50 × 45 cm
Title Power of Nature
Volume 270L
Background White board
Lighting Chihiros WRGB 120 (1)
Filtration Eheim 2217, Eheim Prof.4+ 350
Plants Anubias, buce., rotala h'ra, bolbitis compact, riccardia, pheonix moss, java moss, monte carlo, eleoharis
Animals Red Neons (3), Tetra Amanda's (20), Rasboras Espei (3), Amano shrimps (50)
Materials Quartz, send, lawas rocks, mangrove driftwood
Additional Information The work shows the power and beauty of underwater nature, in which several species of fish and shrimp coexist peacefully. All residents feel comfortable and look natural and natural against the background of snags and plants

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