#414: 270L Aquatic Garden Jade path

Christian Hanz Valencia Doha, Qatar

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 90 × 60 × 50 cm
Title Jade path
Volume 270L
Background DIY LED (White backlit panel)
Lighting Ledstar AQ-WS60
Filtration Aquael Ultramax 2000
Plants Anubias Barteri var Nana - Paxing
Anubias Barteri var Nana - Petite
Anubias Barteri var Nana - Pinto
Bolbitis Heudelotii
Bolbitis Heteroclita - Difformis
Bucephalandra Sp. - Red
Bucephalandra Pygmaea - Bukit Kelam
Bucephalandra - Kedagang
Bucephalandra - Deep Purple
Bucephalandra Sp. - Lamandau Mini Red
Cryptocoryne Lutea - Hobbit
Cryptocoryne x Willisii - Lucens
Cryptocoryne - Mix
Eriocaulon Sp. - Dong Ha
Fissidens Fontanus
Glossostigma Elatinoides
Hemianthus Callitrichoides - Cuba
Hemianthus Micranthemiodes - Pearl Weed
Hyrocotyle - Tripartita
Lilaeopsis - Brasiliensis
Micranthenum Tweediei - Monte Carlo
Microsorum Pteropus - Windelov
Pogostemon - Helferi
Rotala H'ra
Riccardia Chamedryfolia
Staurogyne Repens
Visecularia Montagnei
Animals Trigonostigma Espei - Lambchop Rasbora
Corydoras Pygmaeus
Dwarf Otocinclus
Ancistrus CF. Cirrhosus - Albino - Bristlenose Pleco
Caridina Typus - Australian Anamo Shrimp
Siamese Algae Eater
Materials Jade Stone, Black lava rocks, Malaysian driftwood
Additional Information Substrate:
ADA Amazonia V.2

Materline - Golden/Soil

The natural beauty of jade stones and nature's symmetry. Aquascapers often discredit the symmetry in nature, but I believe if you're in the right place at the right time and know what you are looking for you will be amazed that nature has symmetry. In this scape, I've used the jade stone since it was rare and it was my first time doing a large scape. Also, if take a closer and longer look at it you will see how the golden ratio, golden spiral, diagonal, and thirds are incorporated into one view. The fish has a lot of space not just in the middle part but on the sides of the scape as well. Although you may not see it directly the jade stone on the upper left part is accessible and the back of the main driftwood on the right has a passage as well. I made sure that the scape is not for 1-time photoshoot only, but it will be the home of the fishes and made sure it is close to what nature can offer.
I saw last year's IAPLC on my facebook newsfeed and started checking it out. After visiting some aquatic shops here in Qatar, I decided to give it a try. With the encouragement of some hobbyist, they guided me. Then on October 2021 I started the hobby. An expensive, time consuming, needs a lot of patience but very rewarding indeed. Next year I'll participate more and hopefully save enough to finance this hobby. I'm hoping to improve each year.

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