#359: 110L Paludarium Barbus paradise

Fabio Brocchi Roma, Italy


This is a tank that borders on riparium rather than paludarium. There is not a real clearly defined land area that we can see though because the plants are truly terrestrial plants I do believe there is one there. Still a big part of the score is based on the development of the terrestrial area and that includes hardscape! Conversely the hardscape in your water area is very attractive but planting there is sparse.
— Karen Randall
A paludarium expressing impressively tall emersed planting with big impact from Equisetum palustre and another high-foliage marginals. This display immediately evokes successful imagery of marshlands or riparian embankments alongside a stream.

As plants flow down below the surface a variety of Microsorum species dominate the show though plant health comes into question and distracts directly in the foreground.

The layout's hardscape is well-constructed and provides great visual flow from the emersed region to the submerged. Though the three primary emergent branches feel static and rigid as they are all equally spaced apart.

Overall this is an enjoyable paludarium to view with highly impressive emersed growth. Well done!
— Jack McCarley

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 75 × 50 × 30 cm
Title Barbus paradise
Volume 110L
Background Black sheet
Lighting 1 Sansi full spectrum bulb 24w
Filtration Oase biomaster 600
Plants Microsorum windelow, microsorum pteropus narrow, hydrocotyle verticillata, hydrocotyle tripartita, equisetum palustris, lobelia cardinalis, cyperus alternifolius, phyllanthus fluitans, Thelypteris palustris, lythrum salicaria, taxiphyllum
Animals 4 barbus tetrazona green, 4 barbus tetrazona red, 3 neritina
Materials Volcano mineral, dennerle scaper soil, la plata sand, lava stone, beechwood

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