#572: 90L Paludarium Wildness

Lukas Chochola Prague, Czech Republic


This is an interesting little tank. I wish you had photos that showed it off better. I feel like we can’t really see it in the whole and a big part of a paludarium is how it flow together as an environment.
— Karen Randall
An interesting little display that presents the concept of a paludarium in a uniquely different way.

What appears as a stump or mound surrounded by sundews and orchids is quite charming to look at. The variety of textures and species across the emersed region are impressive though mosses appear to be predominately browning.

Sense of flow down to the submerged region is rather abrupt and lacking as the terrestrial growth meets right against the glass of the display forcing submerged plants between hardscape and glass quite awkwardly.

I am incredibly fond of the emergent portion and the perfect timing of photography! The multiple blooms give a great sense of color matched with the carnivores to create a wonderful variety of hues to enjoy.

This is a really fascinating concept worth exploring and studying much further. The integration from emersed to submerged regions garnered much distraction as it is difficult to decipher what lies below the surface.

Well done and bravo for thinking outside the box literally.
— Jack McCarley

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 60 × 40 × 40 cm
Title Wildness
Volume 90L
Lighting direct sunlight
Filtration no
Plants Coelogyne sp., Madevallia sp., Drosera sp., Monstera Dubia, Marcgravia sp., Solanum, Utricularia, Hemianthus Cuba, Ludwigia, Anubias sp., Ophiopogon, Tectaria Hilocarpa, Bolbitis Heteroclita, Microsorum Narrow Leaf, Philodendron Papua New Guinea, Tonina Fluviatilis, Rotala sp., Proserpinaca, Murdannia, Pyrrosia sp., Juncus Repens
Animals Beta fish
Materials Sandstone

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