#419: 270L Aquatic Garden Wild River Bend

Danny Nijs Brits, South Africa

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 90 × 55 × 55 cm
Title Wild River Bend
Volume 270L
Background light blue foil
Lighting 1 x ADA Solar RGB
Filtration Sump
Plants Stemplants:Amania Gracilis,Arcuata,Rotala green,Rotala Hygrophila, Other plants Pinatifida ,bolbites, Java fern Buces : lamandua,Red Theia,Pink Lady,Silver powder,Red hades,Mini coin,Dark apple ,Sceleton king different sorts of mosses
Animals Amano shrimps , Siamese algea eters , Otocinclus ,Pygme corydoras ,Cardinal Tertra
Materials Natural Riverrock and driftwood
Additional Information My Inspiration comes from nature ,want to create natural ecosystem in a tank .
Soil that i used was the complete ADA soil and powersand and ADA Fertilizers
It is my first Competition tank !!

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