#476: 47.2L Aquatic Garden Aredvi Sura

Iman jafari Ahwaz, Iran

Awards and Comments

Third Place
Simple elegant wonderfully executed. I am in love with this little scape.
— Juan Puchades Rufino
Excellent job!
Good perspective and well-defined layers. Good work on shadows and reflections.
Although the two most evident rocks have different shades the work in general has a very natural and scenic atmosphere.
I know that the angle of the photo coming from below is part of the proposal however I wonder if we haven't lost too much detail especially on the front of the layout?
Anyway congratulations for the great sensitivity in representing an environment so naturally.
— Andre Longarço
I love the soft lyrical feeling of this little tank. It has an almost painterly feel and it isn’t due to anything done to the photograph. It has to do with the lines of the scape and the movement of the layout. Simply lovely.
— Karen Randall
This is a very nice scape however the photograph taken at such a low angle is too exaggerated and doesn't feel genuine or true to how the aquarium would look and feel in person.
— Hiep Hong

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 45 × 35 × 30 cm
Title Aredvi Sura
Volume 47.2L
Background White paper
Lighting Chihiros vivid2
Filtration Sicce whale
Plants monte carlo,rotala Hra,rotala green,Eleocharis,staurogyne repens,cryptocoryne albida,UG grass,Bucephalandra,Juncus,Phoenix moss,flame moss,vietnam moss,weeping moss,mini christmas moss,moss ball,myriopyhllum
Animals Rummy noise
Additional Information
Tnx judges ❤️

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