#478: 360L Paludarium Andreapi forest

Ramlan Hadana Mamuju Sulawesi Barat, Indonesia


Unfortunately you have not shown us the water area of your tank at all. This is a HUGE part of your score!!! You cannot win without that water area as pretty as the top area may be!!!
— Karen Randall
You have a beautifully developed land area but it's a shame we can't see the water area which is equally as important!
— Alex Vella
This paludarium immediately evokes imagery of idyllic rainforests. The planting is varied providing color and texture is a way that feels intentional but not sporadic or careless. The moss that covers this layout is tremendously impressive. It shows age and the passage of time in a way that can only be told through such flora.

The placement of Bromelia in this layout marks a great focal point which subtle hardscape elements direct to mostly obscured by moss and foliage. The layout allows the plants to do the heavy-lifting.

Below the surface is shrouded with mystery as tannin rich waters completely obscure the viewer. Such heavy tannins can be difficult to document successfully whilst capturing emersed plants together which makes additional photos beneficial in this instance.

Overall this layout is beautiful in all regards. It captures the essence of what the paludarium is with a pleasantly successful blackwater twist.
— Jack McCarley

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 120 × 50 × 60 cm
Title Andreapi forest
Volume 360L
Background Drift wood
Filtration Internal filter
Plants Peperomia silver
Kadaka mini
Episcia silver
Pelliona repens
Callisia repens
Caladium bicolor
Davilia sp
Deparia acrostichoides
Selaginella Kraussiana
Selaginella doederleinii hieron
Crypthantus zonatus
Bromelia neoregelia
Java Moss
Begonia polkadot
Animals Guppy fish, cardinal tetra
Materials Drift wood, lava rock, silika sand
Additional Information Ini tanpa pemupukan, haya dosing bakteri cair, terinspirasi dari hutan pegunungan gandang dewata

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