#623: 528L Paludarium Moth garden

Evgeniya Moiseeva Moscow, Russian Federation


No matter how pretty your land area is you cannot score well if you have no plants in the water area. It is almost half of your score. Please read the rules before entering next year! Additionally the land and water areas need to blend smoothly into each other. Your rocks in the water area are scattered randomly across the bottom. Your land area has obviously had the bulk of your attention and is lovely!
— Karen Randall
This paludarium provides immediate high impact. Whether it's the height the hardscape or the impressive expanse of orchid blooms it's incredibly pleasing to look at.

The display's moss wall appears to be in good health albeit not completely filled-in as one would hope and some ferns in the upper left of the terrestrial planting arrangement suffer. All other species in the display appear to be in good health.

The submerged portion appears suddenly as no aquatic species exist in this display. Rather a moment of darkness met by a light-colored sand bed with beautiful stonework appears.

The stocking of this paludarium is odd and questionable. The pairing of Betta splendens with Pterophyllum paraiba comes to mind. Also noted is the presence of an Atyopsis species that demands high flow very much unlike the aforementioned species.

In all this display is impressive and pleasing to look at. That said room from improvement and refinement is essential to achieving a health and safe environment.

Well done.
— Jack McCarley

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 80 × 40 × 165 cm
Title Moth garden
Volume 528L
Background Synthetic Mats Mius black 5mm, synthetic Mats Mius brown 20 mm
Lighting Track LED lamps full spectrum 35w 4 pieces
Filtration Atman AT-3339S
Pomp Atman AT-104S, 2000 l/h
Plants Nephrolepis Exaltata, Nephrolepis Cordifolia, Christmas moss, pilea depressa, pilea Glauka, Pilea microphylla, Marcgravia sintenisii, ficus pumila punctata, Adiantum pedatum, Adiantum hispidulum, adiantum caudatum, Tillandsia usneoides, Neoregelia Pauciflora, Neoregelia Red Waif, Neoregelia Adonis, Neoregelia Ruby Throat, Neoregelia whim, Phalaenopsis sp.
Animals Pterophyllum paraiba, betta sp., xiphophorus helleri, moenkhausia pittieri, paracheirodon axelrodi, poecillia reticulata
Materials Grey stone, beige sand, vine wood

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