#481: 530L Biotope Aquascape the age of malavi

Yoan Ivanov Zlatinov Yambol, Bulgaria


For a more precise biotope fewer species with a larger amount of fish should be used.
— Petra Bašić
When planning a biotope tank it is important to make the tank look like the biotope you are trying to replicate. The rocky reefs of Lake Malawi have steep sides along which these fish congregate. You would want to show that along the back of your tank! I have not checked where all your fish have come from but some of them DEFINITELY do not come from the same biotope as seen from their names.
— Karen Randall
This aquarium is not a Malawi Biotope.This is mixed Malawi species aquarium. You can never find these species together in Lake Malawi. You also have to care numbers and genders of fish species when create a biotope aquarium.
— Mert Aykuta

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 200 × 53 × 50 cm
Title the age of malavi
Volume 530L
Background Non
Lighting Zetlight g 300 x1
Filtration Oase biomaster thermo 850
Animals Melanohromis maingano 5
Pseudotropheus socolofi blue 5
Blue dolphin 6
Pseudotropheus demasoni 5
Labidochromis perlmutt 5
Labidochromis mbamba bay 5
Metriaclima pulpican kingsizei 5
Pseudotropheus socolofi albino 5
Cinotilspia afra jalo reef 5
labidochromis caeruleus 7
Materials Local rock's and sand
Additional Information Lake Malawi

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