#288: 182.2L Biotope Aquascape Rainy Season Orinoco



I would like to see more fish in a school in this aquarium the impression would be better.
— Petra Bašić
I understand the look you are going for but it would have worked better if you had been able to disguise the corners of your tank so it was not so clearly a "box of water". The left side works better in this regard.
— Karen Randall
Good job with the depth effect and nice lighting. Not a bad design. But it lacks the naturalness of nature. I can hardly imagine this arrangement of snags in nature.
— Yuriy Yancher
I really like this light effects looks authentic one of my favorite biotope.
— Mert Aykuta

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 90 × 45 × 45 cm
Title Rainy Season Orinoco
Volume 182.2L
Background a sheet of fog
Lighting Metal light P 112W
Filtration QQ BC 1500
Animals Paracheirodon axelrodi
Crenicara filamentosa
Hemigrammus gracilis
Otothyropsis piribebuy
Corydoras aeneus 'Venezuela'
Carnegiella strigata
L-190 Panaque nigrolineatus
Materials Branch Wood
Additional Information The rainy season began on the Orinoco River.
The branches cut by fishermen using machetes are submerged, and the muddy water shows white and clean sand with strong torrents. The fish in Orinoco are swimming low to avoid the rainy season.
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