#487: 36.4L Aquatic Garden Pine trees

Dedi junaedi Jakarta, Indonesia


Interesting project but because of the lack of proportion between the logs and the size of the aquarium the layout looks tight.
The reflections are not helping in the sense of amplitude and the bushes aren't dense enough.
The use of more plants in the middleground would help to enhance that plane and consequently give more sense of depth.
I miss more details in the foreground that is too parallel with the front glass.
But anyway it is very difficult to do a layout like this in a small aquarium.
Well done congratulations.
— Andre Longarço

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 45 × 27 × 30 cm
Title Pine trees
Volume 36.4L
Background Sunblast
Lighting Kandila s series 40cm x 2
Filtration Jebo 825
Plants weping tropica,bolbitis,mayaka,rotala vietnam,bucepalandra,minixmast,rotala green,rotala nya,montecarlo,fisiden moss,
Animals 6. Amandae
Materials Turlly stone,kayu secang,silica la plata,mocha soil,pupuk dasar,ferty black micor, macro.rumah bakteri, bakteri stater
Additional Information Ganti air 1 minggu 2 kali.micro macro bergantian setelah ganti air

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