#597: 36.4L Aquatic Garden Valley of Joy

Dipen Debnath Kolkata, India

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 45 × 27 × 30 cm
Title Valley of Joy
Volume 36.4L
Background Frosted vinyl
Lighting Chihiros wrgb2
Filtration Ehiem classic 250
Plants Eleocharis Parvula,
Eleocharis Acicularis,
Eleocharis Montevidensis,
Anubias Nana,
Rotala H'ra,
Rotala Blood Red,
Ludwigia Accurate,
Rotala macrandra 'red mini butterfly',
Pogostemon hilferi,
Bacopa salzmannii purple,
Echinodorus tenellus red,
Monte Carlo,
Ludwigia inclinata meta,
Cryptocoryne wenditii green,
Fissident Fontanus,
Lagenandra keralensis.
Animals Ember tetra-7 pc
Danio margaritatus-2 pc
Amano shrimp-5pc
Fire Red shrimp-7pc
Fire yellow shrimp-6pc
Orange Malaya shrimp-4pc
Red nose shrimp-5pc
Aura blue shrimp-5pc
Green Malaya-3pc
Assassin snail-7pc
Materials Ada Power Sand advance, Ada Amazonia V2 Soil, Ada aqua soil powder type.
Godzilla rock
Additional Information This valley is the symbol of love peace and harmony.
It contains 7 stones (1 can be visible only at the right side reflection).
Multiple plants type reflects Nature as there are also multiple types present, it’s like living all together despite of our varieties.

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