#574: 65.5L Paludarium Serenity

Mark Hairgrove Castel Hill, Sydney, Australia


While you have done a good job using plants in both the land and water areas it is sort of random the way the plants are placed with single plant specimens scattered here and there. Your tank would benefit from a little more planning about where and how the plants were placed and then letting it grow in longer so they can spread and settle! Too many fish for this water volume.
— Karen Randall
This is a really interesting layout! The overall composition could benefit from a more heavily planted land area with more variety of texture and leaf size for a better sense of scale.
— Alex Vella
This paludarium offers much color and good flow from the emersed region down to the plants beneath the surface.

I find the presence of entirely brown and suffering mosses to be a huge distaction especially when juxtaposed with the healthy impressive patches of other mosses not far from them. I find the well-established growth of some of these mosses as well as some submerged plants like the Alternanthera reineckii to be in stark contrast to that of other species in this display.

The well-timed photoshoot capturing the impressive bloom is wonderful and worth commending as its pale white pedals draw out the whites of other foliage within the paludarium.

Overall this display is well-constructed but demands careful attention to those species that are suffering and one thing that any hobbyist cannot buy: more time.
— Jack McCarley

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 40 × 40 × 41 cm
Title Serenity
Volume 65.5L
Background Foam board, natural geotextile fabric seriyu strata and black stone. Drift wood.
Lighting 2- 20watt plant grow lights
Filtration Activated carbon and aquarium sponge
Plants English Ivy, calathea rosey, frekel face,mondo grass, dwarf hair grass, alternanthe reinekii, ricca moss, terrestrial moss, red rotala, bucephanlandra blue, crypt,Anubias, Monte Carlo, water lily, cotton candy fern, calathea Freddie, micro sword, variegated boxwood.
Animals 7 fancy guppies 2 crystal black shrimp, 2 crystal red shrimp
Materials Floral stratum, aqua decor is river sand, seriyu strata, black seriyu stone, expanding foam, natural geotextile fabric, foam board, black lava rock, cotton balls, aquarium silicone, and jag instant hold glue
Additional Information Sicce silent 700lph pump, mini water mister, two 10 watt heaters, no co2 set, established for two months

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