#593: 495L Aquatic Garden 林中溪

范哲敏 余姚市, China

Awards and Comments

Top Ten
The moss has been used in a very skilful way it contributes to the overall impression of a forest that is left to itself. Further planting provides variety and subtle complement of colour.
The composition is excellent the focus points have been well used so the gap on the horizon is pretty much exactly on the upper left focus point.
A decent amount of individual layers have been created.
The criss-crossing structures allow the viewer's gaze to wander back and forth without creating a feeling of chaos. Instead it gives a very harmeshonious gentle impression that invites you to linger and relax.
A very impressive work thank you!
— Frederic Fuss
Impressive layout.
Very wide with monumental proportions! Eye drops for my eyes.
Very good proportions perspective shadows textures and naturalness...
The force-lines are very evident but aligned in different directions which makes it difficult to look at as it creates a certain confusion. It is difficult to find a natural flow of visualization because in every moment a force-line captures your attention and takes your eyes in another direction.
And just one more comment: A exquisite job Iike this needs better work in the foreground... more details plants gravel... just some white sand is not at the same level of this amazing and respectful work.
Congratulations your job is amazing.
— Andre Longarço
What an impressive use of plants in an elaborate hardscape. Really hard to find such an amazing plant arrangement. Congrats.
— Juan Puchades Rufino

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 150 × 60 × 55 cm
Title 林中溪
Volume 495L
Lighting 千寻VIVI D2
Filtration 尼特利变频桶加前置
Plants 珊瑚莫斯,火焰莫斯,趴地珍珠,针叶皇冠,垂泪莫斯,稻穗,鹿角草,,矮种黑木蕨,叉叶铁,青木蕨,绿宫廷,香菇草,乌苏里聚藻
Animals 宝莲灯,大帆
Materials 火山石,沉木

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