#603: 36L Aquatic Garden Island

Kerekes Sándor Debrecen, Hungary


A pretty classic design in a triangular format.
The black lava and the light green Micranthemum create a nice contrast. I even like the bit of algae on your stones.
The backlight could have used a bit of blue to complement the color scheme.
The surface should have been moved to become visible. Like this it looks like a bright white sterile room.
Nonetheless I like your little Iwagumi!
— Frederic Fuss

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 40 × 30 × 30 cm
Title Island
Volume 36L
Background Fehér fólia
Lighting Aqua Week S-series Sharp 300 App Controll Led
Filtration Tetra ex 400plus
Plants Hemiantus callitrichoides 'Cuba',Staurogyne repens,Micranthemum'Monte Carlo'
Animals 10 db Red Razbora
Materials Fekete Lávakő
Additional Information Talaj:Aqua Susbstrate 2
Napi tápozás:Tf Macro 3ml,Tf Planter 1ml,1ml Tf Foszfát

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